The Lyceum Club of Greek Women was founded in 1911 in Athens by the devoted representative of the women’s emancipation movement, Callirhoe Parren. The goal of the Club, as set by its founder, was the preservation of greek tradition and customs as well as the contribution to the progress and elevation of Greek women. The Kalamata Lyceum Club of Greek Women was founded in 1967.

The Kalamata Lyceum Club is a pioneer in the instruction of Greek folk dances. Along this line it has  also published works in traditional and folk art themes, as well as digital recordings of traditional music and song .

Its dance troupe and traditional choir perform at home and abroad with great success, whereas its storeroom holds an extensive collection of traditional costumes from all over Greece.

It has represented Greece in many international events, travelling to countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Hungary, former Yugoslavia, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Russia, Egypt, the United States and Canada. It has participated in live radio broadcasts  in both greek and international tv shows, promoting insight into Hellenic traditional costumes, dances, music and customs.

As a recognition for its effortless endeavor in preserving the Hellenic folk heritage it has repeatedly received awards from various cultural organizations and social institutions and has earned the wide recognition and respect of the public.