The Lykeion ton Ellinidon (Lyceum Club of Greek Women) was founded in Athens in 1911 by Callirrhoe Siganou – Parren, a pioneer of the feminist movement and a voluntarism in Greece. According to the Statutes of the first Lykeion, its aims were to bring together women of the letters, arts and sciences in an association that would serve and protect them, reviving and preserving, at the same time, Greek customs and traditions.

Today, there are 50 Annexes of the Lykeion in various towns of Greece, while 16 Bureaus operate throughout the world. However, from the first small group of women who gathered at Callirrhoe Parren’s home and who formed the nucleus of what was to become the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, to the 15.000 members all over Greece and abroad it numbers today, the Lykeion has been inspired by the same spirit of selfless and voluntary service.

Τhe Lyceum of Greek Women of Kalamata (L. G. W. K.) was founded in May 1967 with the encouragement of the late Mayor of Kalamata, Kostas Koutoumanos. L.G.W.K.’s scope is the preservation of Greek traditions and customs, the research in the field of folklore dance, music and costume as well as the contribution to the progress of Greek women.

Today the Lykeion ton Ellinidon maintains its dynamic presence in Greek society, thanks always to the voluntary service of its dedicated members, endeavoring to link its long experience in social service and in the wise administration of its cultural heritage with the new knowledge provided by modern science and technology.